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How to Write a Marketing Email- 6 things to Include in every email

I have got some great email marketing tips for you today.

6 Things to add to Every Email You Send Out

1) number one is to personalize it always send your emails from you your first and last name not your business name. When you send the email from your business name it feels like you’re getting email from an organization a corporation ,it’s not human when you send it from you it feels like it’s coming from an individual which is exactly how emails should feel like it’s from one person to one person so always have that mindset when you go to write emails to your subscribers.

2) number two is to scrutinize the subject line. The subject line is so so so important in your email I know you know that already but I just want to emphasize that even more “The subject line is super important” You want to vary your subject lines and come up with interesting subject lines. Most importantly you need to test your emails send them to yourself as a test and look at them in your inbox and ask yourself would I open this email Sometimes its a good idea  to send it to yourself and then go away for an hour and come back so you can see upon first impression how do you react to the email in your inbox. If it is something you feel like opening. Is it compelling? Is it specific enough? The answer to that is if you’re not sure if it’s specific enough it probably isn’t,  so make it more specific.

3) number three thing that you should be doing in every email that you send out to your list is to break it up.  No one likes reading big blocks of text no one at least not on the internet. We get so much email in our inbox every single day and when I open your email I want to get to the point fast.

My tip is to make it scannable with headlines and images and whatever you can do to just break that text up add text links whatever it is. Add those elements to your email to break it up and make it  easy for me to scan your email and get the gist as fast as possible.

4) the fourth thing  I recommend doing and this is one that I am so bad at but I’m getting better at is double triple quadruple checking your links. All the links you have to check them so many times you would be surprised how often it’s still going happen no matter how many times you check it. So many times I get emails where the links are just not working and it is frustrating. Send yourself test emails and check those emails and if you’re not a detail-oriented person like me have someone on your team check them for you. It’s a great job for a VA just go through every email and just check to make sure, okay yep that’s going to the right place. Your subscribers will stop opening your emails if you continually stuff the links up.

5)fifth thing that you need to do in every email, and this is hands down the most important. Give people at least one Tip in every email this is a good one, a juicy one. Always give something of value always teach a lesson always make people super happy that they opened your email and ask yourself as you’re writing the email will my subscribers get value from this. You want people to hit reply to your emails and say oh my god I love this.

6) tip number six is to tell them what to do. The whole point of any piece of copy that you ever write is to get people to take the desired action so make sure that you’re very clear on what that action is. In most emails, it’s going to be something like click a link on my blog. With my sales page, register for a webinar or my video training whatever. In some emails, you might not have an action like that but you should still give people an action to take to get engaged with your email. It’s a good idea to ask people to write something down for example, so they’ve shown that when you tell people to write things down and they write it down they become much more emotionally connected to the activity, to your business etc.

So there you have it 6 things to include in every email


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