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How To Use Pinterest For Business|Stop Paying Thousands Of Dollars|The Complete Pinterest Guide


How to use Pinterest for your business

Tthis is going to be a complete step-by-step guide and it is the only guide that you are ever going to need to create a successful Pinterest account for your websites your blogs your affiliate products and so on.

I’m also going to teach you guys how to rank your Pinterest account so that your profile gets ranked in the 2nd or 3rd spot of Pinterest.

Firstly, go ahead type into Google Keywords Everywhere and click on the first result you are going to get forwarded to this page and all you need to do is add to Chrome next once you install this toolbar to your browser you find where it says Key a little icon is gonna be at the top of your browser and you just have to switch that on.

Nnext we are going to use Uber Suggest in here you are going to find your I just want to show you what this tool does let’s say I want to use my keywords my leash is gonna be in the make money category so in here I’m gonna type like make money online and just see what this tool does if you guys don’t know about this tool already ok keywords everywhere is an awesome tool that you can use to find monthly search volumes for certain keywords your cost per click if you have actions on your website in your competition now just a quick tip before we get started in to finding our niche for your Pinterest business account whenever you are doing keyword research you always want to find your your competition should be or just be careful about that because the lower your competition the easier it is to rank higher in Google and also in the Pinterest search so ok if you have a website or a blog and you cover certain topics or you are already in a certain niche you don’t have to go through this process of finding your niche you can skip this or for this video because this section is for those who are new to the online marketing game and you want to find your niche before you go ahead and create your Pinterest account remember Pinterest is a search engine a visual search engine you want to treat Pinterest as a visual search engine just like Google just like YouTube you want to use Pinterest as that once you get that concept you’ll be able to use Pinterest in that light so to find your niche if you already have English you can come onto Amazon and just click on go to Amazon best sellers from Google and once you get onto Amazon click on the department section so once you are on Amazon you can find you have a lot of categories on Amazon you have handmade items home garden and tools just a lot of categories that you can go through but to find your niche you must first decide what if you are going to be in the home and decor niche or you are going to be like garden gardening and tools or you’re gonna be in the make money or the fashion niche you come in an Amazon and you locate your category and then you need to look for subcategories so let’s say I want to go into the handmade or the home and garden category now once you click on home it’s gonna open up a lot of subcategories that you can go through now you have let’s say you have on here shop by category now you have the furniture category home decor kitchen and dining whichever category you choose next you are going to use that category and go into let’s say we went for lightening okay we are going to go back into a Bursa chest and we’re just gonna type in lightening I don’t know how that okay let’s see alright let me just see if I got that okay lighting lighting is lightning I’m sorry for that guys so lighting okay let’s suggest that I just wait a second okay so this is taking a while to load yeah you have lighting okay um what we can do with uber suggest is you can expand the keyword you can expand this keyword to see the sub searches in the lighting category so it is going to open up and okay there are your sub categories now you want to find a section or your competition you want to find the lowest competition possible for your specific niche because you know you want to be able to rank your so this is is still a little bit high okay now this is lighting background you have a good amount of monthly search but still and your competition is really low but this is not I’m just showing you your possibilities you can whatever your niche is you just need to come into over suggest and search it out until you can find the lowest competition and now we can go ahead and you can check out this other tool this is a Pinterest keyword tool come in here and let’s say we want to put lighting in here once you’re done with uber suggest research that was for Google because we want to know how many searches you’re getting per month you just leave that open because you’re gonna need it later on when you’re creating your boards but this is Pinterest own keyword tool that you can use to find if people are searching for these particular keywords in Pinterest itself so you have lighting you have lighting fixtures lighting ideas and lighting kitchen fixtures for kitchen lighting over kitchen island lighting and fans so there are searches for your particular niche but also there aren’t what I would like it to be because in the key Pinterest keyword tool you always want to have other keywords you want to have like 50 results popping up for that specific keyword now if you find that your searches are low in Pinterest you don’t want to go ahead with that keyword okay that now that we’ve covered the Pinterest the niche research section it’s time to go ahead and you’re satisfied with whatever niche that you want to get into it’s time to go ahead and create your Pinterest account to do that you need to go onto google and type in Pinterest for business this page is going to come up and all you got to do is join as a business so for my niche I I think I’m gonna go into the they make money niche let me just such walk out of my account and we want to go ahead and create a Pinterest for business account just a second here you guys okay so yeah go on and type in Pinterest for business into Google once you get on that page just click on join as a business in here you are going to add your email see okay just a second until I can okay you add your business your business name let’s say it’s gonna be um make money from home I’m just adding in something here your business type this is a blogger designer okay I’m gonna take a blogger I am a blogger yes you can add your website in here this is optional if you do not have a website it is not necessary so you go ahead and click on create account so now you need to select five topics which is gonna help Pinterest build your newsfeed okay just a second so I’m in the make money online niche so I’m gonna look for something let’s say I’m gonna go for books geek I’m just gonna pick random you can go ahead and remove these later and you click on done now they are building your home feed now before we get started I just want to walk you around Pinterest a little bit so that you know what how you can use the platform so this is the analytics this is where all of your data is gonna once you click on this get an overview because this is a new account you are not going to have any data in here you have your Pinterest profile your average daily impressions your daily viewers your monthly viewers and for this to work for your analytics to work because this is a a business account you have to add a website now that’s not a problem you can go ahead and create a free blog on blogger or WordPress or whatever and you can add it in here to get your analytics your analytics are going to show but they are not going to show for your website this section is for your website so let’s go ahead this is the analytics part of Pinterest is what helps you understand how many viewers and ok and all of your important data to help you optimize your account more next you have here is your home feed what’s popular on Pinterest and you have all the different categories of Pinterest whenever you click on any of these you are going to get taken to what’s trending right now on Pinterest next you have this plus icon that you can use to upload images or save from a website next you have your notification tab your Inbox if you have notifications and if someone sends you a message and then you have your profile this is your profile once you click on profile it’s going to take you back to your homepage your Pinterest feed right now because we selected six topics that we are interested in you have 6 here and 0 followers you have no boards and no pins now to optimize your profile you have to go where this little eye is click on settings now this is the most important section of Pinterest this is where everything happens first off you need to select your your email address this is already in there you have your language and that is English yes I’m in Lebanon but I’m not gonna say this to Lebanon because I want that to show so let’s go to United States I’m gonna add United States because I want my viewers my audience my followers to come from the United States my contact name is make money online you can change that whenever you want to you also have the option to hide your profile from search engines which you do not want to do just a second and you can personalize this if you want to see ads on your Pinterest profile you can also clear your recent searches if you made any deactivate your account and now it’s your profile section this is where you are going to add all the important informations now before we go ahead with this you want to go ahead and open a second window a second Pinterest window because we are going to use information from Pinterest itself to optimize our boards let’s go ahead and click on that we want to use this so now because I chose the make money online I’m gonna take make money online and I’m gonna type it now you see all of these keywords you’re gonna copy them if you can okay you have make money online copy go back to the this is your okay your business name you can let’s say we already did that now this is the important part of pinches go back to the copy that paste it in get the second make money fast make money online make money online fast we go back in there okay make money online now this is really important if you want to rank your Pinterest account make money online free we’re gonna go back in there and add make money online free this is what is going to get your Pinterest account ranked make money online this is what these are Pinterest gurus are making you to spend money for make money online passive income let’s go back in there make money online passive income we want to go back and add as much information as we can make money online okay make money online in order marketing let’s go back in there internet marketing okay I think this is enough for now I think you get a picture now the more copy you want to copy this and you want to come down to where it says about you and you paste in these keywords now you’re going to add in your location and just type in United States okay and if you have a website you can add it in here and they are going to give you a code that you can add to your website I have tutorials on that on how you can confirm your website with Pinterest so I’m not going to do that it’s just going to take a lot of time so you have a showcase that you can have at the top of your pincher screen you have different about five slots that once you’ve created your boards you can come back in here and you can add specific boards as a slideshow or your showcase for now we are just gonna skip that until we can create the ports so yeah now once you’re done with that if you have other profiles social media profiles you can connect them in here but that’s not what this tutorial is about so once you’re done with these information oh my god I just erased everything cuz I didn’t click on save let me just go back in there and do that and I’ll get back to you in a second guide and click on save before i neva gate it away from the page so I’m gonna do that so yeah I’ve gone back in here and I’ve okay anyway just make sure that these keywords you save them where it says business name you add a profile picture by clicking on the change picture and you’re gonna be able to add a picture from your computer and your username is gonna be make money from home and you your about you your same keywords that you use up there you can add them in the about use section or if you want you can choose anything else you like but since this is a business account you need to add that to add your website you’re gonna add it in here you can go to the other tutorial just a quick tip whatever keywords that I use for example make money online if I go back and search for make money online I am going to get ranked among the other people that go with the same or whatever keywords you add in here and you can get ranked for that on Pinterest so the more you add the more you’re gonna get ranked just make sure to click on save and go back to your profile just a second until this loads now this is the important part of Pinterest this is how you rank your profile your Pinterest profile in the if someone went in and searched for let’s say make money online make money from home okay and they clicked on that and they clicked on people now because my account I don’t have any boards or anything what was the name of make money from home so let’s say we went in and checked for make money online fast let’s do that right now because I’m not ranking right now but just give it a day or two it’s I am going to be ranking like any so like a search engine YouTube search engine and Google you need at least 24 hours to start ranking for specific keywords so I’m not gonna be ranking right now but if you check back tomorrow I am gonna be ranking so now it’s time and you are gonna be ranking also for these particular keywords now this is how your profile is gonna look you’re gonna have all your keywords up here and in here your keywords are gonna be here as well now when someone search for these terms and they go to people they are going to come to so now what you want to do you want to create boards with these same keywords now if you have five or let’s say you have five or ten specific keywords in here you want to create boards with these specific keywords so I’m gonna go ahead and create ten boards and I’m going to show you how you can add your your descriptions to your Pinterest boards using I’m gonna be using these exact same keywords and I showed you how you can get them from the search bar you use those accept keywords and create boards with them so let’s say I went for let me just do one in front of you make money sorry money online fast this is how you rank make money online fast so this is not a secret board you want to create create the board next you’re gonna have the option to go back in there and create a description now this is your board you want to click on this pencil icon and you want to put your board into a category you want to find the right category for your specific niche so this is what kind of a board is this DIY design education entertainment I don’t know if this is education let’s just say for the sake of this tutorial we want to put that into education but you always want to make sure that you put your boards in the right categories because you want them to get found now since this was a professional business account they should have had the options in this category section for blogger or blogging or Internet so on I don’t know I’m just gonna leave this to education for now and this is where you want to add your description with these specific keywords in them so learn how you can make money on line fast and easily easily from home okay now that you’ve added your key or description with your keywords in them it’s just time to click on save this is how you are going to structure your Pinterest profile now to go back you just hover over that icon of your image and go back to the front page of okay now you’ve created your first board which let’s go back to boards yeah you’ve created your first board and it’s called make money online fast you want to make sure that your keywords are from some of these keywords that you have in your description your profiles description that way you are going to get ranked because Pinterest is going to recognize that your boards are relevant to your description to your niche to your to your content your content is interconnected and they are relevant to each other this is how you get ranked and just a quick tip when you are adding images to your boards they need to have whichever image that you decide to add to a board they need to have the specific keywords in the image caption and then you can save it to the relevant board I’m just going to go ahead and create about four or five more boards with these keywords in them and now I’m going to show you how you can find more keywords from Pinterest guided search option that they have you can use to create extra boards to help you rank so for the sake of time I’ve created three boards and now it’s time for us to go ahead and add images so to add images to your relevant boards you just need to take these keywords make money from home go in there in your search bar and type in make money from home now first off I just want to tell you guys about this guy this is what is known as the guided search option and Pinterest now you are going to use let’s say you have make money from home as your main niche so you’re gonna you we’ve already added in our description make money from home fast now you need to now you can go ahead and create boards that says make money from home online jobs make money from home for moms make money from home with crafts make money from home for teens legit and you have a lot of options you can use these keywords up here in the guided search guided searched up category section I’m sorry and you can create specific boards using these keywords to create your boards and also use those keywords in your images because Pinterest is a visual search engine you need to treat it that way just as you’re gonna create add keywords in your blog post use search engine optimization on your websites this is this is how you need to approach Pinterest to be able to rank your pins your images whatever it is to rank your your profile and to have your pins show up when people search for these key phrases now that we’ve typed and make money from home you need to find relevant pins for that specific now these are make money from home work from home okay we’re gonna pin this pin so our specific make money from home you have make money from home board you pin it on there and you can go back and find other relevant images that you can add to your board make money proofreading blogs okay these are all relevant to make money from home but you need to be relevant specific as possible now another tip that I want to give you guys when you’re creating your boards you want to always do the 40-40-20 rule this is 40% educational content for the % inspirational content and 20% promotional content this is how you want to structure your Pinterest profile so that you get ranked hired this is what Pinterest wants you to do with your your Pinterest profile and besides what Pinterest wants you want to inspire people you want to help someone solve a problem so you can find relevant topics in your niche that is inspirational to someone for example you have made money from home or you could ace a an example would be okay famous let’s say famous mommy bloggers that are making money from home or I don’t know I don’t have the words aren’t coming but you get the picture you need to create 40 percent inspirational if you want to get more followers that arkin going to love your content that you are putting out you need to create that rule the 40-40-20 your promotional content there going to be 20% at you additional content it’s going to be 40% and promote an inspirational content so let’s say you had 10 boards you’re going to make that four words for inspirational content four ports for educational content in your niche of course you don’t want to be all over the place and two boards are going to be promotional content that is how you can look at it so I’ll forget about this guided search box up here you’re going to use each of these to add to your key phrase to create boards around them and always use the title of your boards in relevant images that you’re going to pin to your voice now I just want to tell you guys that everything that I am showing you here is how the most successful Pinterest users this is what they are doing there you don’t have to go and pay hundreds of dollars to to learn this stuff yeah I know if you don’t know about Pinterest or if you don’t know how Pinterest algorithms work of course you’re not gonna know about this but I’ve been on Pinterest long enough to know these tips and I’ve taken some courses that weren’t really worth the money that I spent to learn these things so yeah back to the topic now it’s time to talk about followers and group boards so I’m gonna show you a place that I go to find group boards that I want to get invited to but first what I want you to do is go ahead and search for now that you have your key phrase in here just click on people we want to work on our followers now before you do this of course you’re gonna have ten boards in each board it’s gonna have about ten pins so you’re gonna have a total of ten boards and a hundred pins before you can go ahead and start following people now when you’re just starting out of course you don’t have any pins you so you’re gonna use other people’s pins and then once you’ve done that come up here type in your key phrase find the first result or the person with most followers in your niche and when that loads you just want to go ahead and follow this lady click on the follower tab it just go ahead and follow a shitload of these people sorry for my french but that’s the fact now it doesn’t matter who you target because you’re gonna be raising these people anyway I’m just showing you what works and how you can get results as fast as you can so yeah you are gonna follow two hundred people every two hours for 48 hours after 48 hours you are going to unfollow all of those people and just go back in there and rinse and repeat the process until you have enough followers and then you can just stop and once you have a few followers on your account Pinterest is gonna start to rank your boards your profiles your images in the search engine so okay I’m not gonna bore you with all of this you just need to follow 200 people every two hours in your niche for 48 hours go back in there erase all of those people and rinse and repeat the process until you have enough followers okay next we are going to talk about group boards this is a there is a site that you can go to so this is a website that is called ping groupie go on to there just type that into Google and get onto this website so let’s say I am in the make money online niche so you’re gonna select your category now these are the same categories they have on Pinterest so we are not gonna get let’s say they’ve added a few new keywords in here so we are gonna go back and we don’t want products we don’t want any of this stuff we just want to go in and let’s go to education I know we’re gonna order by followers we want boards that has a lot of followers so we want to make money online okay and you just click on filter now just a second until this loads now we don’t have any boards in this specific category we have okay let’s just say now whatever your category is you can just go ahead and find it in here I’m not finding any categories so what I’m gonna do is go back onto Pinterest your you are gonna find your specific category on pin groupie you just need time to tweak it a little bit until you can find whatever it is you’re looking for so I’m gonna go back in here and type in make money online okay you click on that find people now what usually happens is there these people in your niche they they are already part of some group ports that are specific to your niche so you just click on their profile scroll down until you can find a board that fits your specific niche ok making money this is a board that says making money now I just need to click on that find the owner of the board and send us just a second okay that you just click on the let me just show you there once you get onto a group board it’ll come where you have this sign that tells you how many how many pinners are on this group board now just a quick tip if you find a group board that has about two or three people up here two or three collaborators this is not a group board is a collaboration board so if you do send a message you are not going to get accepted because they are not accepting pinners on to the group board but when you have a lot of collaborators then it is a group board and if you do send a message you are going to follow the person the owner of the port and then you are going to go to the person’s profile and you are going to click on pins this is how you find the latest pin that this person has pinned but you also want to remember the name of the board that you want to be invited to so let’s go back and find the board this is the board it’s called making money so you click on that go to the owner of the board follow the owner and click on his page just scroll down to where it says pins click on the pin find the latest pin that he the owner has pinned click on that and you want to leave a comment ask to be um hey how are you today can you please send me an invite to your make money report thanks a lot this is how you ask someone to be you can be a little bit creative with that just don’t go ahead spamming people but you need to use pin groupies to find specific categories now let’s say you’re in the women’s fashion home decor category and you just go ahead and filter that add your information and filter that you are gonna get boards in your specific categories that you can just click on them and go right to the Pinterest and be able to just send messages and stuff like that so let me see what else I have to cover in just a second so just a quick tip before we complete this video whenever you you just try your best to get invited to as many group boards as you can in your niche this is how you are going to make sales and get traffic back to your products and to your websites the key is getting invited to group boards fight as hard as you can don’t worry about followers and don’t worry about adding so many boards on your profile just add relevant boards and relevant content and whenever you create a blog post what you need to do is go back use a site you can create free images and create about five to eight image for one blog post that you can schedule and pin them during the day to different group boards pin as much as you can more active you are on Pinterest the more followers you’re gonna get the more repin to your pins are gonna get the higher you’re gonna get in the search and the Pinterest search engines and just try your best to get invited to group boards this is the answer to be successful on Pinterest now as for optimizing your profile there isn’t anything else you can do to optimize your Pinterest profile you have done all the SEO strategies necessary to rank your profile to rank for these keywords after a day or two you can go back in there open up a new browser take some of these keywords that you’ve added to your description just search for them separately and go to people and you are going to be ranked among these you’re gonna be ranked higher than most people because most people they do not they their profiles aren’t optimized as yours is going to be once you’ve completed this tutorial this is everything you need to know about Pinterest you can follow my other tutorials on how you can add um affiliate products onto Pinterest and how you can add rich pins and opt and you know create long images for Pinterest I have a lot of tutorials out there but this is how you have to structure your profile to be able to rank in Pinterest and this is everything you need to know don’t let anyone make you spend a dime for Pinterest courses and so on I know what it’s like to be broke into to struggle and try to find a way to make money online and to be successful I’m not gonna be spamming you guys I want to teach you real value and the only thing I ask in return is if you can share my videos with others subscribe to my channel leave your comments below ask me questions I’m gonna reply and thank you so much for watching you guys you guys are awesome as always so this is it for me and until we meet again this was my complete take on how to use Pinterest for business go ahead take action guys and you are going to be successful so have a good night

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